The Dummy Room Punk Rock Podcast

The Dummy Room #167 - 2021 Dummy Room Awards

January 23, 2022

Heather Wheaton and I recap 2021 and a bunch of great guests present awards for the best everything.

Are from The Promdates, Merel Schaap from Lone Wolf, Adam from It's Alive Records, Lars from NEON BONE, Jake Kummer from Flamingo Nosebleed, Michiel Walrave from The Shivvies, Zoanoids, Ben Sargent from Spruce Bringsteen, JJ Nobody, Randy the Kid, Kevin Aper, Jimmy Vapid, Lasha Laskowsky-Reed, Perry Leenhouts from The Travoltas, Bob Conrad from Zoinks, Jason V, Mike Dee Crackus, Andrea Imbalzano, Riccardo Bucchioni, Franz Barcella, John Jughead Pierson, John Proffitt Jr., Stefan Eno from Andrea Manges And The Veterans, Massimo Zannoni and Ben Weasel.


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